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Traci Fraley, Ph.D., FDN-P
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner


I worked for over 20 years in the field of behavioral health. My journey began as a fairly traditional clinical psychologist working in a variety of community based mental health and substance abuse programs, as well as the military setting. As I have studied and learned from my clients, I have deepened my understanding of the relationship between our emotions and our bodies. The traditional paradigms of health no longer worked for me. I felt frustrated in what I perceived as limitations in being able to inspire individuals to optimize their health. Over the years I started to realize that my own health was not as good as I desired. I also experienced my mother's declining health over the years related to auto-immune conditions and her eventual death from cancer. I was seeking a more comprehensive approach to having good health. As often happens-things show up in our lives when we need them- and I was introduced to the concept of "functional medicine" and then the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner training program.  After completing the program, I believe that I have a more well-rounded range of skills  as an FDN-P to guide people to develop a level of health that better allows them to live their best lives.   

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