Creating My Life


Tired of being prescribed yet another medication or taking numerous medications and still not having the health you desire? Explore the interconnectedness of your body and mind using a comprehensive set of functional tests to set the map for your personal plan of Restoration. With a personalized plan of action and individualized health coaching sessions that address body and mind, you will be able to implement lifestyle changes to provide opportunities for your body to find a higher level of healing, health, and functioning.  Allow 6-12 months for optimal results.

Includes: 5 functional lab tests, a 90- min Results & Recommendations session, 12 individualized coaching sessions, 2 functional lab retests, a 60- min updated Results & Recommendations session, written summaries of each session, handouts, and ongoing email access contact between sessions


Reset your health as you identify additional healing opportunities for your body and mind. Devote 6-8 months to yourself to allow a deeper degree of improvement in the areas that have been holding you back from living the life you desire. 

Includes: 2-3 functional lab tests (chosen based on your primary complaints as identified in the discovery call), 90- min Results & Recommendations session, 10 individualized coaching sessions, written summaries of each session, handouts, one email support between each scheduled session.


Begin to identify and address healing opportunities that contribute to your primary health concerns. Track your symptom improvements over 2-3 months as you give your body and health a sense of renewal while initiating new behaviors that better support your health goals.

Includes: 1 functional lab test (chosen based on your personal complaints as identified in the discovery call), 45- min Results & Recommendations session, 8 individualized coaching sessions, written summary of each session


A personalized guided plan to refresh your health habits to fine tune habits that have gone awry. Get yourself back on track if you are noticing a return of symptoms such as aches or pains, indigestion, moodiness, etc that have previously been decreased or eliminated. 

Includes: 6 individual consultations (60- min each) and a written plan of action with each session.