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US Military Families

I offer functional wellness support to US military families around the world.  

A functional approach to health focuses on exploring root causes of health dysfunction and through implementation of lifestyle changes, guide the body to re-stablishing a greater level of function. 

Functional lab tests are used to explore dysfunction in areas of gut-health, hormone production, detoxification pathways, inflammatory responses, chronic infections, and bio-chemical toxic overloads.

You will work through a LIFESTYLE protocol over the course of 6-9 months that will include changes to food habits, sleep, exercise, stress management, and informed choices in using bio-botanical supplements.

Veteran Family

Functional Wellness

How This Works

Once you've decided that a functional health-rebuilding program is for you- schedule a free FDN Wellness Consultation call with me to discuss your needs and we'll see if we are a match to work together. 

If we decide to work together- you will complete several health questionnaires and functional lab tests (urine, stool, blood, hair) will be completed in the privacy of your home (or in the case of a blood draw-at the lab) and you mail specimens back to the labs . While we wait for results we will start working on some basic lifestyle changes to better support your health in the areas of food, sleep, exercise, stress management, and supplement support. 

When we have lab results- more specific lifestyle protocols will be developed to address dysfunction identified in the labs. Change doesn't happen in just a couple of sessions, so my health rebuilding programs are designed to be inclusive of all the support you will need to make progress toward your health goals. We will meet virtually 1-2 x month for 6 months (and utilize email and text support in between appointments as needed) as you work through protocols to rebuild your health.  

As you near the end of your health rebuilding program we will discuss options for retesting and next steps for your wellness. Additional functional wellness programs can be purchased at discounted costs to continue the health rebuilding journey. 

If you are ready to jump in - let's schedule some time to talk! 

Just click here to get this rolling!

Freedom from insurance

Functional health tests and related programs are generally not covered by Tricare or other insurance plans. While this can appear to be a drawback, insurance coverage can actually place a lot of limitations on the health protocol, from what types of tests can be used, how long we can work together, sessions lengths, etc. Functional health programs can be costly but should be viewed as an investment in your long-term health, especially when insurance-covered health approaches may have fallen short of helping you achieve your health goals. To make functional wellness more accessible to military families - I offer sliding fee scales based on your highest pay-grade of the household. 

Medical Reminders

Please remember that functional wellness support is not a replacement for medical attention at an MTF or civilian medical facility. 

You should always talk with your health care provider before making any type of changes to your health care regimen. 

In offering functional wellness health rebuilding programs, I do not diagnosis or treat any specific conditions. 

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