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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

If you have ever asked yourself:

          I take all of this medicine, why don't I feel better? 

          I eat fairly healthy/exercise, so why don't I have more energy?

          I've been working with my doctors on this issue for years, why isn't it getting better?

          Is this really as good as it gets (with my health)?

                  ... then this might be the approach to health and well-being that you have been looking for. 

The body is made up of many different systems that interconnect and affect each other in ways that we don't typically think of. For example, we often don't think about how our gut health affects our mood, energy, or sleep, but how our gut functions largely impacts us daily in each of these areas. We are sometimes taught that there is little we can do as individuals to impact our health and we can do little other than take a medication or treatment given to us by a health care provider. The FDN® approach to wellness shifts you into the driver seat and learn how to make guided changes to open your body to opportunities for healing.  Using a series of tests based on your body chemistry (urine, stool, saliva, blood, etc)  that have been chosen to sort through your particular concerns, we will identify your body's strengths and weaknesses and work through a personalized plan of action to build on your areas of health strengths and reduce exposure to stressors that are interfering with your body's healing process.

Several plans are available to work through your unique health concerns depending on your needs.  Review the plans in greater detail on the next page and schedule a free 30-minute phone call with me to get started creating your life.





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