April and May 2020

** Up to 3 EFT sessions (45 min each) are available for FREE for health care providers and front-line workers. Stress negatively impacts our immune system.  EFT has been found to boost physiological markers of our immune system.  

**All single and package EFT-tapping sessions by phone/video are half -price through end of May, for adults and children! To Schedule go to  Private Sessions.


May-June 2020

Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

Anyone with an autoimmune disorder can start an FDN health package for $200 off normal pricing through the end of June.  This work will assist in reducing any contributions to fibromyalgia symptoms from gut dysfunction, pathogens, toxic overloads, hormone imbalances, or nervous system problems. 

Starting June 24, 4:30-6 pm - a 6- week EFT virtual group for those with an autoimmune disorder. We will use EFT-tapping to help your body reset nervous system regulation that can worsen the symptoms of autoimmune disorders. Specific topics that will be addressed will include the sense of hopeless and helplessness that can develop in response to your health, pain management, feelings toward recommended patterns of eating or exercise, and other issues unique to the group. 

Still hopeful this will occur: 

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS Bars® Practitioner Training (in-person, cannot be held on-line)

Cincinnati, OH

June 13, 9:30 AM-5:30 PM

For more info:

Summer 2020

On-line: Girls Growing in Wellness and Balance: Yoga and Life Skills to Empower

-A program for girls entering grades 6-8 that will use yoga, mindfulness, and journaling to develop a positive self-image, healthy attitudes toward the body, emotion regulation, and the ability to think critically about media images of female bodies.

More information to come. Contact me to be added to email list for updates.



                                   Starting soon - Contact me  to join: 

On-line EFT-Tapping  4-session classes for: 

               **pain management

               **managing stress eating and food cravings