Access Consciousness®

Access Consciousness tools are a dynamic set body-focused and verbal tools to create the life you desire. It's about learning to trust yourself and stop judging yourself!

Where to start.... Get your Bars® run:

Access Bars® involves  gentle stimulation of 32 points on the head to help release old patterns of thinking, emotional processing, and physically experiencing to stop living and reacting from the past and create more of the life that you want NOW! The 32 points correspond to life issues that we all deal with such as issues around money, getting older, need for control, creativity, healing, sadness and joy, etc. As we let go of set patterns, a sense of space opens to live life with more ease.  

An Access Bars® session is done in person. Usually you lie fully clothed face-up on a massage table or sit in a lounge chair while your bars are run. Sessions generally run 60-70 minutes. 

What's next?



A body-focused process to allow the body to undo ways that it is malfunctioning, undoing the effects of trauma, scar tissue, etc. Great for stimulating the immune system. 


Access Facelift®

An energy process that uses soothing, nurturing energy to rejuvenate the face and adjacent parts of the body. 


Other Access Body Processes

We ask the body what it would like to receive and follow the energy throughout the session. 

All of Life Comes to  Me with Ease, Joy, and Glory!®

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